Best CS GO Betting Sites 2019

Counter-Strike is an eternal classic that first saw the light in the 90s of the last century. Since then, the game has undergone many changes, and today’s CS: GO is considered to be one of the pillars of eSports. This product has become the personification of modern highly competitive e-sports and a banner for those who want to build a career as a professional player. CS: GO has a lot of analogues in the FPS genre, but none of them have such a powerful audience. In this article we will look at popular options for betting with  csgo betting sites

Best CS GO match betting sites

As they say, first things first. The popularity of this game quickly attracted the attention of many bookmakers. Today it is very difficult to imagine eSports betting without CS: GO. We analyzed a lot of betting sites offering CS GO bets, and noted only those that accept real money bets. You probably ask yourself: are there any other options? Yes, and we’ll talk about them later. In the meantime, look at our selection.

And although the websites on our list accept only traditional payment methods, sometimes cryptocurrency is also among the options – for example, in ArcaneBet players can choose the skinpay and Skinwallet payment tool and provide a deposit with in-game goods. So, in CS:GO there are three main betting options:

  • Betting using traditional currencies or cryptocurrencies – most online offices
  • Betting on skins is not a completely legal option, in which skins are used as a currency 
  • Fantasy betting is another bizarre option that adds a bit of excitement to bets 
  • Skin betting is considered an illegal betting option.

Fantasy betting is another fashionable betting option that is very popular in the USA. However, legal barriers still impede their full implementation in DFS CS: GO.

CSGO Betting – Basic Options

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To bet on CS: GO, you need to understand their essence and bet only on the best cs go betting sites. As we already said, there are several options for betting on the outcome of the CS:GO match, and although some experts can argue that all these options are common in other games, in fact, none of them can surpass the Valve’s vast creation. So, if you want to go to the direct guidance on rates, you can simply scroll through the following sections, but we recommend that you nevertheless familiarize yourself with the information below, since there is a lot of useful information.

The main option is CSGO money betting.

СS GO Real money betting has the only drawback associated with the law. But if in your country the law has no complaints about bookmakers, then consider that there is no problem. All you have to do is find the right office and select the right event.

You can bet on winners of matches or tournaments. In large competitions, you can often find live bets. In general, when making bets with real money, we recommend that you bet on the winners of the matches at best csgo betting sites, as these events have the highest ROI for players. This focus has already been well tested on regular sports betting and has long been proven to be effective.

Additional option – skins

We could describe this option in detail, but still restrict ourselves to general words. Skins are game accessories that do not affect the outcome of the game. However, players really appreciate these “bells and whistles.” The skin market began to grow sharply in 2016. Shortly thereafter, Valve began closing skins trading platforms due to legal issues.

To get a general idea of ​​the scale of this market, let’s say that at one time, analysts prepared a report according to which by 2022 its value will be estimated at several billion dollars. At the same time, the dubious legal status is completely hindering its development. Despite the fact that you can use skins for betting on some  csgo betting websites, only a few of them essentially work legally. The ArcaneBet service is an explicit exception to this rule.

Fantasy Sports – Skill + Luck

This type of bet is becoming increasingly popular. Betting on fantasy sports first appeared in the United States, but authorities quickly banned them and virtually deprived the licenses of both operators who tried to promote this business. Although this is a very fascinating form of csgo betting, this practice still falls into the category of gambling, and European bookmakers are in no hurry to get in touch with it.

Profitable bets on CSGO – learn Maps

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting to play csgo bets, knowledge of playing cards always plays a very important role. Not so much because it gives a particular team a certain gaming advantage, but because a player can follow certain patterns. Knowing these patterns, punters can fairly accurately predict the probability of the outcome of certain oppositions.

So, analyzing the data of Steam, we come to pretty interesting results. Most cards offer roughly equal percentages of wins / losses. However, De_aztec, vertigo and dust are three cards where special forces have a clear advantage.

And let these maps not be used for competitions, with the possible exception of Dust 2, here the percentage ratio remains approximately the same, although the special forces still have a 2% advantage over their bearded colleagues.

So what’s the point then? Most maps have long been balanced. And whenever a new card appears, it should be remembered that the balance can shift in one direction or another. Some modifications and changes may be required. Nevertheless, the tournament organizers are well aware of any such discrepancies and, as a rule, quickly take appropriate measures.

Learn about players and teams

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An important aspect of determining the outcome of a match between two separate teams is the analysis of the available data. In CS: GO, new teams regularly appear that are created specifically for a specific top team. And in e-sports this happens very often. That is why it is important to always keep abreast and timely anticipate the “breakthrough” of desperate newcomers. In other words, you can make good money on new teams showing a good game.

CS: GO betting sites allows you to actively monitor the success of all teams. This can be done both through Twitch and through Reddit, another platform that often proves to be a good source of useful information. Using data from statistical websites, you can get a clearer look at the development of any hypothetical scenario.

True, the best method of assessing forces at the moment is still a comparison of the compositions and teams. Be sure to take into account any significant changes in the composition of a team, the coefficient of victories / losses of a team on a particular map, as well as the general statistics of meetings of specific teams. With caution and foresight, you can increase your bankroll and avoid offensive financial losses.

Note: did you know that most successful teams are sponsored by bookmakers? For example, the main sponsor of the Na’Vi team is GG.BET.

Special CSGO bets – is the game worth the candle?

As we said earlier, the only type of special bets that we strongly support is the betting on fantasy sports, but they are often outlawed. If you ever risk playing on special bets, you will surely come across such interesting things as bets on the number of shots, bets on the number of kills and bets on the first blood.

When we say that a particular bet is special, we do not necessarily mean that it is something bad. However, it is often disadvantageous to play them, since the odds are usually played against you. Nevertheless, if you collect the necessary data and properly compile it, you can break the bank here too. Decide for yourself.

A colorful bunch of CSGO Betting events

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Keeping track of all the significant events in the CS:GO world is a tedious task, but if it makes it easier for you, we note that the main events are held in Europe and North America, although they are held throughout Asia and, of course, in Australia. CS:GO does not have its own The International level event, but organizers like DreamHack and ESL have held major show tournaments around the world for more than a decade.


ESL One is the foundation of all CS:GO tournaments. This is a lot of competitions around the world with a different number of participants. The number of teams varies from 8 to 16, depending on the scale of the event. Squads compete for tournament points to reach the finals, which are usually held at the end of the year.

The ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League also starts in September and ends in December. European and North American teams compete for solid prize money of $ 100,000, and in the final, this figure can reach up to $ 750,000. Amounts may vary depending on the interest in the tournament and other related factors. Groups consist of 12 – 16 teams, 16 of the best claim to be in the finals.


DreamHack is a grand event held in Sweden. Starting its history as a festival dedicated to the gaming industry, it quickly turned into a major e-sports tournament. Although DreamHack only happens once a year, you will be pleased to know that there are $ 250,000 in prize money being drawn, to which the best teams from around the world come to compete. DreamHack is also a major public event, which is designed to bring together gamers and everyone who loves eSports. Everything else, here you have a tempting opportunity to get acquainted with the world of eSports betting.


The host company FACEIT decided to continue holding the Minor & Major CS:GO betting tournaments, which have pleased players for the past 3 years. 2019 will begin with a series of minor events and end with a grand finale in September, when teams challenge the right to collect $ 1,000,000 in prize money. You still have time to track the success of Minor tournaments and adjust your future bets based on this data.

Afraid to miss important events?

If you are afraid to miss all the fun, just follow the esports events link and find out about all the major events until the end of 2019. We recommend that you visit only those sites that we recommend, as they have already passed our rigorous test. Remember that these events will change from year to year. Nevertheless, using online resources like Liquipedia, you can always be up to date. By the way, while we were working on this article, we were able to notice slight discrepancies in the dates.


CS: GO is an immortal classic, and for the most part, the information you will ever need to make an informed decision about CSGO bets is already on the net. This game remains one of the industry leaders. To become a successful punter, you need to collect as much relevant information as possible and supplement it with your own gaming experience. Fortunately, everything is very simple in CS: GO, and you won’t need a lot of time to understand the principle of map design and get all the necessary information about top teams. We hope that with our help and our CS GO Betting sites you will have a little better understanding of the aspects that determine the success of CSGO bets.