How To Choose An eSports Betting Network?

Ranking systems are subjective, and ratings for eSports gambling networks are also based on different parameters. In order to understand how objective eSports network ratings are done, there are certain factors that need to be considered. There are certain questions that a player should seek answers to as well as wish to know about before they decide to bet real money on an eSports network.

Questions that you should ask

There are certain fundamental aspects that eSports bettors should know about eSports betting sites in USA. These comprise of questions like:

  • Would it be easy for players to ask for withdrawals?
  • What is the turnaround time that a website has?
  • What are the experiences stated by other players about cashing out on different forums and social media?
  • What are the policies of a site regarding player funding?

Down with rogue sites

With the increase in consumer forums for reporting fraudulent networks and ratings and ranks done by search engine operators, it is difficult to hide a network that misleads players, does not provide payments or withdrawals on time and so forth. It is best to look up reviews on social sites like Facebook or Twitter to know what is trending about a betting network. One can look up reviews about a betting operator to understand the legitimacy of the website’s operations and so forth.

Variety of options

Besides the financial aspects and reliability of a betting network, a player also needs to understand what kind of eSports is offered for betting on a particular site. eSports fans and gamers often like a diverse array of eSports games to indulge in. Hence, a few limited titles in a site are always a turnoff. On the other hand, a site that has diverse options to offer as well as ads on new titles every other day keeps the interests alive in the gamers who are then guaranteed to log on more time on a site.

Different kinds of bets

Players like to explore bets of different kinds. Some are happy with match betting that has low limits to start with. Others like the exotic outcomes promised with high stake bets. The betting menu differs from one site to another, but a site that has a broad range of bets to offer on diverse betting categories is likely to offer more options and interest gamblers more.

How traditional sportsbooks differ from eSports books?

The betting landscape contains traditional sportsbooks sites like eSportzbet as well as eSports based sportsbooks such as Unikrn where the focus lies mostly on eSports. The traditional networks usually have focused on games like tennis and football whereas the eSports based sportsbook sites are more on simulated games based on real games or fantasy league sports on which eSports fans can place bets on.

There are certain aspects that stand in favour of traditional betting networks such as being more established, serving markets for traditional games and sports. However, at these networks, the betting level is higher. However for those who are looking at eSports betting networks, they often feel that the eSports coverage is broader on such sites; there are new fantasy games titles to explore on such sites as well as limits being low at most of these sites, especially on new game titles and experimental eSports technology.


It is best to sign up and try out a network for yourself. In such ways a gamer would know the terms, how prompt are the withdrawals, how lucrative is a network when it comes to wins and so forth to continue playing at a site or to try somewhere else.

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