This-N-That in Southern California

By Lee ‘Hacskaw’ Hamilton

Cleaning out a jam packed notebook, filled with storylines, overflowing with opinions.

CHARGERS…Nothing but positive reviews on the hiring of Mike McCoy, as the Chargers new head coach.  His work record at Denver with the Broncos, Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning, is  tremendously impressive.  He added a trusted veteran in Ken Whisenhunt, the former head coach with the Arizona Cardinals, as his offensive coordinator.  Enjoy him, for he will be One-and-Done, here today, likely to get a head coaching job a year from today.  They also hired highly regarded Ron Milus to coach their secondary.  At Denver, the Broncos fired him after their playoff ouster, but his Denver defense gave up just 1-300 yard passing game all year, and that is in a quarterback league.

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